Fencing Repairs and Maintenance

Few things can improve the overall appearance and aesthetics of an older tennis facility more than new fencing and windscreens. That's why Fast-Dry Courts, Inc. offers a variety of different options when it comes to repairing or replacing your existing tennis fencing.

Fence Rehabilitation Projects

Does your facility have 70's era silver, galvanized fencing? Is your black or green vinyl-coated fencing starting to look worn and haggard? Let Fast-Dry Courts, Inc. make your facility look like new with a fence rehabilitation project. We will execute the following items when completing your fence rehabilitation project:

  • Examine the stability of your fencing framework (the vertical and horizontal poles), identifying poles that are structurally unsound and those that simply need to be repainted
  • Remove and dispose of all structurally unsound poles, old mesh fabric and hardware
  • Replace structurally unsound vertical and horizontal poles with new poles
  • Sand and paint structurally sound vertical and horizontal poles green or black
  • Install new green or black mesh and all new hardware
  • Install new green or black custom windscreens

Miscellaneous Fencing Repairs

Fast-Dry Courts, Inc. is also available to complete any miscellaneous fencing repairs that might be needed for your tennis facilities. This can include any or all of the following:

  • Replace damaged poles and framework
  • Sand and paint existing poles and framework
  • Replace damaged or bent mesh fabric
  • Replace damaged or bent fence hardware (brackets, bolts, etc.)

Windscreens provide a professional finish for your tennis court fencing

Few things improve the appearance of a tennis court more than quality windscreens. If you are going to spend the time, energy and money to repair/replace your existing fence, you should also invest in new windscreens. Fast-Dry Courts, Inc. carries a full line of tennis court windscreens through its sister company, 10-S Tennis Supply ( www.10-s.com ). Click here for more information on choosing a tennis windscreen ( link to windscreen page on www.10-s.com


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