Fast-Dry Courts, Inc. builds more HydroCourts than any other tennis court contractor in the world. What is a HydroCourt? A HydroCourt is simply a Har-Tru tennis court with an advanced, patented subsurface irrigation system. Regular Har-Tru tennis courts require twice daily watering from a sprinkler system. HydroCourts, on the other hand, are watered continuously from underground. HydroCourts provide all the same health benefits and superior playing characteristics of Har-Tru courts with these added benefits:

Reduced Water Usage

The above-ground watering systems of conventional Har-Tru courts can waste water through malfunction, run-off and evaporation during the watering cycle. HydroCourts supply only the amount of water necessary to keep the surface sufficiently damp. The result is up to 60% savings in water usage.

Consistent Playability

Over-watered and under-watered areas are common problems with conventional, above-ground watering systems. Conventional Har-Tru courts also lose moisture (dry out) throughout the day, creating different playing conditions depending on the time of day. The HydroCourt system provides better moisture coverage on the surface by dispensing water evenly underneath the court. The result is that a HydroCourt plays the same way all day long.

No Down-Time for Watering

Conventional Har-Tru courts need to be taken out of service mid-day and at the end of the day to be brushed, lined and watered. HydroCourts are watered automatically from beneath the court, so there is no loss of playing time for afternoon brushing and watering. This can dramatically increase the playing capacity of a tennis facility, particularly if it has many courts.

Lower Annual Material Costs

Conventional sprinkler irrigated Har-Tru courts in Florida require 4-5 tons of material annually to maintain an ideal surface depth of 1". The HydroCourt's self-regulating system provides a constant level of moisture in the court. This consistent moisture level keeps the surface firm and substantially reduces the amount of material that is lost to wind, water run-off and play. HydroCourts typically require 50% less surfacing material annually than conventional, sprinkler irrigated Har-Tru courts.

Lower Annual Maintenance Costs

Conventional sprinkler irrigated Har-Tru courts require rolling to keep the surface compact and playable. The HydroCourt's self-regulating system provides a constant level of moisture in the court. This consistent moisture level keeps the surface firm and almost completely eliminates the need to roll the court after the initial maturing process.

How does the FDC HydroCourt work?

The FDC HydroCourt is Fast-Dry Courts, Inc.'s patented self-regulating subsurface irrigation system. Water is first supplied to a control box outside the court. Water flows from the control box into "socked" perforated pipes that are located in trenches underneath the court surface. Capillary action draws water from the trenches upward into the Har-Tru surface, keeping it uniformly moist all day. The water level in the control box outside the court corresponds exactly to the water level in the trenches, making it easy to know the exact water level in the trenches.

The best part of the FDC HydroCourt is that the system is completely self regulating. As moisture evaporates throughout the day, a simple float valve mechanism in the control box activates and releases more water into the trenches to ensure that the prescribed court moisture level is maintained.

Why is the FDC HydroCourt the #1 subsurface irrigation system in the world?

There are several characteristics that set the FDC HydroCourt apart on the market today:

  • Accurate Water Control & Distribution - The FDC HydroCourt has a double-liner system that contains water within each trench, so you can control and conserve your water.
  • Easy Drainage - The FDC HydroCourt can easily be drained for quicker play after a rain. Simply open the drains in each control box and all the water can be removed from the system in under 30 minutes!
  • Completely Self-Regulating - The FDC HydroCourt does not utilize expensive or complicated electrical timers. All you need to do is set the ideal water level for the court and the float valve does the rest!
  • Easily Adjustable - The FDC HydroCourt is easy to adjust for changing weather condition. Simply adjust the water level higher for the dry season and lower the water level for the rainy season - it's that easy.

New HydroCourt Construction

Fast-Dry Courts, Inc. will build a new FDC HydroCourt tennis court on your properly prepared sub-base. We first install a perimeter block curb around the border of the tennis court or tennis court battery. We then install the patented FDC HydroCourt subsurface irrigation system, net posts and center anchor. Once these items are in place we install +/- 3" of concrete screening sand and 1" (+/- 40 tons) of HydroBlend surfacing material using laser-guided grading equipment. The HydroCourt irrigation system is "charged", watering the surface. The surface is then rolled to initial compaction and new line tapes and the net are installed.


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