Bocce Court Resurfacing

Fast-Dry Courts, Inc. has extensive experience in resurfacing and maintaining bocce courts. A standard, regulation size bocce court is 10' wide by 60' long and will require 8-10 new bags of material every year to maintain its 1" surfacing depth. This maintenance can usually be handled by the court owner. However, if a more extensive resurfacing is needed, Fast-Dry Courts, Inc. will professionally resurface your bocce court.

Fast-Dry Courts, Inc. will execute the following steps when completing a bocce court resurfacing:

  • Scrape "dead material" off the court
  • Scarify the court surface (ensures new material binds/adheres to existing court surface)
  • Apply 25, 80 lb. bags of Har-Tru surfacing material via lute broadcasting/spreader
  • Water and roll court to initial firmness



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