HydroCourt Resurfacing

Fast-Dry Courts, Inc. is the largest builder of HydroCourts in the world. We also specialize in the maintenance and resurfacing of HydroCourts and all other types of subsurface irrigated Har-Tru courts (including HydroGrid and CalCap). There are two types of resurfacing projects that we typically complete for our clients with subsurface irrigated Har-Tru courts - "Standard" resurfacing and "Laser-Tapered" resurfacing.

"Standard" Resurfacing

HydroCourts lose much less material on an annual basis than sprinkler irrigated Har-Tru courts. However, subsurface irrigated Har-Tru courts will lose material over time due to the effects of wind, rain, and play. Subsurface irrigated Har-Tru courts in most regions of the country will lose +/- 1 ton per year or 25, 80 lb. bags. Subsurface irrigated Har-Tru courts in Florida will lose +/- 2 tons per year or 50, 80 lb. bags, due to more extensive rain and year round play. This material must be replaced on an annual basis in order to keep your HydroCourt safe and in optimal playing condition. Some customers choose to add 4-5, 80 lb. bags per court each month. Others turn to Fast-Dry Courts, Inc. to add 50, 80 lb. bags once a year. We call this annual top dressing a "Standard" resurfacing.

Fast-Dry Courts, Inc. will execute the following steps when completing a "Standard" resurfacing:

  • Remove existing line tapes
  • Scrape "dead material" off the court
  • Scarify the court surface (ensures new material binds/adheres to existing court surface)
  • Scarify the court perimeter and remove any algae, fungus or "hardpan"
  • Apply 2 tons of HydroBlend surfacing material via lute broadcasting or spreader
  • Water and roll court to initial firmness
  • Install new line tapes

Laser-Tapered Resurfacing

HydroCourts require 1" of HydroBlend surface material for optimum playability, court stability and moisture retention. For this reason, all new subsurface irrigated HydroCourts courts are built with +/- 40 tons (1,000, 80 lb. bags) of HydroBlend surfacing material. Each new HydroCourt is also built with a 1" in 30' slope to ensure adequate rainwater drainage. This means that a new single court will slope 2" if it is sloped from side-to-side or 4" if it is sloped end-to-end.

Rain, wind and play will cause HydroBlend material to wash off the court and to migrate (or "shift") from the high side of the court to the low side of the court. Over time, your HydroCourt will lose the ideal surface depth of 1" and the slope of the court will begin to "flatten out". These changes will cause the court to shift under rolling, shift under play and drain poorly, resulting in less than optimum (possibly even dangerous) playing conditions. Consequently, HydroCourts should receive a "laser-tapered" resurfacing every 7-8 years.

In this procedure, laser guided grading equipment is used to remove excess material at the low end of the court and to add new material at the high end of the court to restore the proper court slope. Fast-Dry Courts, Inc. was one of the first companies in the United States to utilize this revolutionary technique to restore HydroCourts to a like-new condition. Fast-Dry Courts, Inc. will execute the following steps when completing a "Laser-Tapered Resurfacing":

  • Remove existing line tapes
  • Scarify and remove built-up material at low end of the courts using laser-guided grading equipment
  • Scarify court perimeter and remove algae, fungus and "hardpan"
  • Apply 5-30 tons of HydroBlend surfacing material using laser-guided grading equipment, restoring 1" surface depth and 1" in 30' slope
  • Water and roll court to initial firmness
  • Install new line tapes


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