Sprinkler diagrams and layouts

Har-Tru tennis courts require water for proper maintenance. The watering cycle should begin as soon as feasible after play ends for the day. Watering as early as possible allows maximum time for the surface water to disperse before the courts are opened in the morning.

Har-Tru courts need as much water as it takes to “flood” the courts daily. Flooding is defined as having water stand on the entire court area. Water from the areas that receive the most water from the sprinkler heads must flood into areas that receive less water until the whole area is covered or flooded. Water needs to drain through the Har-Tru surface and penetrate the base material. The moisture is stored in the base until the surface begins to dry out. Once the surface begins to dry out, evaporation will pull the moisture from the base up into the Har-Tru surface to keep it moist.

Fast-Dry Courts, Inc. is an expert in sprinkler systems for above ground irrigated Har-Tru courts. Har-Tru tennis courts need a properly designed sprinkler system in order to maintain adequate court moisture levels. An efficient sprinkler system includes:

  • Proper design
  • Adequate water pressure
  • Adequate water supply
  • Proper size and type of pipe, sprinkler heads and nozzles
  • Proper solenoid valves and controller

We have included several sample sprinkler diagrams for your review.


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